What do we miss?What do we miss?

What do we miss?
We think a funeral policy is not important, we are still young.
When we need to cut cost we start with it.
When someone get sick or nearing old age, we want to start with a funeral plan.
The higher the age, the higher the premium.
Habitually, we miss judge and tend to skip premiums.
We don’t check our bank statements often, forgetting that bank rd’s take money, sometimes more than our premiums they did not honor. We, thinking that our premium is being deducted, only to find that it’s been send back; Stamped; Insufficient Funds.
Shortfall on waiting periods let us loose; Often our policy don’t reach claim status due to person passing on before you can claim.
Money in a bank account is unavailable the moment the account holder pass on. No one has access to it without a court order and most often you need to register a will.
When we are in a position that we need help, facing challenges like this make one feel lost in this big world, not knowing where to start.
One question remain.
How do we prevent this?
Often we don’t need help, till the day we really need help.
How do you think we can help you? with any of the above mentioned. Even if you are not our client,if I can let me help you.
Let’s prevent this from happening.
People, from my experience, face this challenges daily.

"We at Jeudfra, strive to be the best in what we do and can truly say and call our place Ebenezer, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us."

I Samuel 7:12

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