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Our main goal and focus have always been to make sure our members are truly buried with dignity. We try to exceed our clients’ expectations, and could only achieve that by ensuring that there are sufficient Funds when a loved one pass on. Our policies therefore provide the funds so that we can reassure our clients honesty. We also adjusted our products to keep up with the evolving times and we can proudly say that we now have a product that has no sick leave period. This product is special for those who are not well, and cannot be assisted. We believe that you will be pleased to refer more people to us. Jeudfra is also technologically well-developed, which gives us the lead that we can establish clients’ status within a glance without asking for a booklet or proof of payment. That is why we will quickly pay Claims by submitting the necessary documentation. Jeudfra seeks to become a market leader in providing funeral policies and invites you to participate in a winning team. We care bodies, and we are present at the moment of our client’s loss during funeral time. Jeudfra delivers a worn out service and is even involved in the catering of funerals. Jeudfra also transfers surpluses to and from anywhere in the country. So there is nothing about the funeral industry that we do not do. eudfra Begrafnisonderneming renders a dignified funeral Service to the community. Our core service is to Serve our fellow men to the best of our ability and always exceed their expectation. Our Motto, “Help! Is just a phone call away!’, is part and parcel of our service. From the moment we get a call we help the caller till the end. What ever funeral service that’s needed we will be able to assist and always give our best. Everyone is precious and we share their grief and help to make the unease become bearable where humanly possible.

From 1999

Our History

Since 1999, we have been busy serving the community with affordable general funeral services. Our business expanded and in March 2002, where we started a full-time funeral service company from where we serve the community with an extensive funeral services.

Our company


Delivering of funeral services, always pass customer expectations, and to always be there when clients need us the most.
James Booysen | Jeudfra Funeral Services in Upington
James Booysen, the founder of Jeudfra begrafnisonderneming.


Jeudfra Funeral Services is a registered Juristic Representative of Megaphase Financial Services, and authorized Financial Services Provider, FSP No. 45287 and Underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets, a registered Insurer and an Authorized Financial Services Provider, FSP No. 11231.

"We at Jeudfra, strive to be the best in what we do and can truly say and call our place Ebenezer, Hitherto hath the LORD helped us."

I Samuel 7:12

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